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Sex Toys for Women

Female sex toys can open both 'her' and 'him' up to a world of new and exciting play times! Female adult toys can help fulfil fantasies, get her floating for minutes at a time, and have faster, longer and stronger orgasms. At Diamond Door Online, you get to buy a vibrator or other female adult toy in complete privacy and the utmost security.

Diamond Door Online's range of sex toys includes:

  • Simple egg and bullet vibrators
  • Dual clitoral and G-spot stimulating vibrators
  • Waterproof vibes
  • Strap on vibrators and non-vibrating dildos
  • Lingerie, costumes and edible clothing
  • Lesbian sex toys

Female sex toys are a universe waiting to be explored, with stimulants both for your imagination and your body. Order them in privacy, and with confidence about your payment details, and have them delivered on the next business day*, with Diamond Door!


Vibrators are the fast and foolproof way to put a little 'zing' in your step, like nothing else can. Diamond Door online has one of the largest ranges of vibrators in Australia. Imagine what you could do with our range of Rabbit-style vibes, double-enders, waterproof and bendable vibrators, G-spot ticklers, and harnessed vibes. We have a wide range of vibrators that include testicles, for that added touch of reality in your fantasy time.


If all you are looking for is something long, hard, and very willing to do what you tell it, our range of dildos and dongs are here to please! We have generic big ones, short ones, thick ones and thin ones, as well as moulds of famous cocks from the world of boys on film. There is a wide range of double dongs, bendable and vibrating dongs within this category.

Pleasure KitsPleasure Kits

Even the best workman (or working gal!) is nothing without his tools! If you are looking to stock up on a full set of tools to give your special somebody the thrills of their life, a pleasure kit is the best way to do it. Kits can include dongs and anal tools, vibrating cocks, g-pot ticklers or egg/bullet style vibes, or be suitable for underwater or unobtrusive public use.

Realistic DildosRealistic Dildos

They look just like the real thing ... they are coloured like the real thing ... they have the same silky texture as the real thing. Cyberskin sex toys make both solo and partnered play sessions feel like there's somebody else in the room with you! The range has toys for both guys and girls, Cyberskin also makes the famous range of porn stars' bits. One of the best investments in your happiness that you'll ever make!

Venus ButterfliesVenus Butterflies

Venus butterflies make you feel like you're spread eagled, nude and writhing on your bed ... though you could be on a train, in a theater, at a party or a nightclub. Both guys and girls can experience the amazing sensation of being touched without being touched, with our range of pleasure panties and jocks!

Egg & Bullet VibratorsEgg & Bullet Vibrators

These little buzzers pack a lot of pleasure punch! Egg and bullet vibrators are some of the most popular on the market, and Diamond Door Online has a massive range of these little orgasm machines. Check out our collection, including wireless models, one-touch models for simple or discreet use, dual bullets for inner and outer use, and vibrating beads. We also have plenty of variants on the classic egg!

Arousal LotionsArousal Lotions

From fire to ice and back again, Diamond Door's range of arousal lotions gives both him and her those fantasy feelings, with nothing more than your two bodies. Our arousal lotions can be warming, cooling, flavored, or simply designed for a bit more slip! There are specialist lotions for a range of body parts, as well as scientifically tested way to help her become multi-orgasmic with just a couple of drops!

Clitoral PumpsClitoral Pumps

A clitoral pump intensifies every sensation a hundred-fold - teasing those little nerve endings into a state where they could just about scream! Our range of clitoral pumps includes oral sex simulators, suction-cup based and vibrating pumps. Get ready to pump up your sex life!

Male Love DollsMale Love Dolls

Not just the boobs and the 'bits', but everything in between! A sex doll is as close as you can come to real sex, only available whenever you want, and always accommodating. We have an enormous range of dolls, from basic to premium, in both female and male models. Our range includes dolls from the famous Cyberskin range, that feel just like climbing on top of a fresh, nubile young thing that does whatever you want! A range of positions, materials and features are available.

Nipple & Breast ToysNipple & Breast Toys

The difference between a solo and partnered sex session is often the all-over body and breast stimulation. Our nipple stimulants change all of that, giving you the feel of having mouths all over your body, though it might only be you in the room. We have both vibrating and pure suction nipple and breast toys, and most are suitable for both guys and girls.

Sensual WearSensual Wear

The slickness of wet-look latex, the snap of leather, the tease of lace and the excitement of becoming a sleekly sensual creature ... Diamond Door's sensual wear can transform your love life completely, without a single battery! From mini-dresses to mesh, crotchless to just cheeky, there is something here to turn every woman into a sexual goddess.

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