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On for Her Balm Tube - 2g

On for Her Balm Tube - 2g

ON Natural Arousal Balm for Her, increases orgasm intensity, duration and frequency. This product is perfect for women who are looking for more excitement in their love life or who need a little extra help with the feelings of natural sexual desire and arousal. ON applied directly to the clitoris creates a clitoral "buzzing" and increases wetness in most women. This exciting combination of arousal and heightened sensitivity leads to more intense orgasms for a deep, pleasurable sexual satisfaction. It also makes for stronger, longer lasting orgasms. According to Dr Ian Kerner (PhD), a certified sex therapist and author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman, "many women complain that a single orgasm isn't enough to relieve the buildup of sexual tension." ON has helped thousands of women achieve stronger, more powerful, longer lasting orgasms. ON can be used anywhere - with a partner or without. It is most often used in the bedroom, but some women find it more satisfying to keep a small, discrete bottle of ON in their desk drawer at work or in their purse for use anywhere, any time. Board meetings? No problem! Too much traffic? No worries! Going to the movies? You bet! ON is great for helping a woman reach her climax or just for putting that secret smile on her face. It is completely edible, too, and won't interfere with any complimentary foreplay. Join the ON revolution today and break free from the statistics; 65% of women are not satisfied with their sex lives, 43% of American women experience sexual complaints, only 25% of women always climax during sex with a partner. If you want more control over your libido and sexual satisfaction, get turned ON now. Embrace your sexuality, regardless of age. Let ON take you to the next level of orgasm.

  • Contents: 2 g Balm

Science Behind ON
The strong connection between a woman's mind and her body makes stress the single, biggest killer of intimacy. To fully build sexual arousal, a woman needs to relax. Having confidence in her sexual response can help a woman relax and enjoy foreplay while allowing intimacy with her partner to come naturally. ON Natural Arousal Balm For Her, helps by strengthening the mind-body connection through genital feedback. If a woman's mind and body aren't working together, she can completely miss the signals of arousal that her body is transmitting. A drop or two of ON creates a pleasurable and unmistakable tingle and gentle heat. Imagine holding a small vibrator to your clitoris while it's getting warmer and you're getting wetter. This is what most women feel when they use ON. ON works as a sensory enhancer to naturally stimulate arousal and desire. It connects the mind and body for a sexual experience like no other.

The ON Experience
It feels like a warm vibrator with an almost electrical sensation. The easiest way to describe it would be like putting a weak 9-volt battery on the tip of your tongue. And it's all natural! This product produces several sensations, starting with an immediate warming effect, then followed by an electrical vibration tingling effect that actually pulses. All of this causes arousal and a moistening effect. The combined effect of this product causes orgasms that are quicker, longer-lasting, and more frequent. Some women have described this as a 3rd level of orgasm - which no one has experienced prior to this. On Natural Arousal Balm for Her, increases orgasm intensity, duration and frequency. Designed to enhance intimacy, ON uses an all natural botanical blend of essential oils to create feelings of natural arousal and increased wetness in most women. When topically applied directly to a woman's clitoris, ON's proprietary blend of essential oils creates a natural excitement in the form of a delicious tingling that actually pulses with pleasure.

ON Ingredients
Other natural products designed to enhance female arousal rely on vasodilators, such as L-Arginine and Niacin, or "stimulating" ingredients such as menthol, peppermint oil, or citric acid (orange oil) that can irritate sensitive areas. ON uses all natural, botanical ingredients. ON is a pure, oil-based formula. One of the many advantages to an oil-based formula is that it cannot support bacteria. Bacteria can lead to yeast infections and other vaginal problems or discomfort. ON provides a safe, all-natural arousal.

Chemistry Without Chemicals
  • All natural, oil-based, botanical formula
  • No L-Arginine, menthol, or citrus
  • No harsh preservatives, parabens, perfumes, or artificial flavouring
  • Natural arousal thru genital response
  • Works in seconds and lasts up to 45 minutes
  • Pleasant smelling and actually tastes good
  • Medically endorsed

ON relies on plant extracts and botanicals to provide natural sexual enhancement. Every ingredient used in ON is pure and of the highest quality available on the market today. ON's propriety blend of essential oils are produced according to strict standards and hand-measured in small batches to ensure consistent high quality.ON is completely edible and won't interfere with any complimentary oral foreplay. ON is an oil-based formula, which sets it apart from its water-based competitors. One of the advantages to an oil-based formula is that it cannot support bacteria - a common problem with water-based products. Bacteria can lead to yeast infections and other vaginal problems or discomfort. You don't have to worry about bacteria when using ON.

Ingredients: ON is a proprietary essential oil blend including sweet almond oil, cinnamomum cassia, natural tocopherols (vitamin e), silica, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexyglycerin, and rosemary oil extract.

Simply apply and gently massage onto your clitoris. Avoid contact with urethra. Within a minute or two, you should begin to feel a warming sensation, followed by an almost electric buzzing stimulation that will induce natural lubrication.

Do not use On if you have a vaginal infection or if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive. Do not use On with latex condoms. Keep out of reach of children.

ON products are made by Sensuva in the USA, and is the first company to bring this type of product into this market.


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