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Lesbian Sex Toys

Your girlfriend is soft, silky and accommodating ... and Diamond Door Online can help make your bedroom adventures together long and hard! We have an enormous range of lesbian sex toys, to get your partner panting in plenty of unusual ways. Our lesbian sex toys range includes:

  • Strap-on dildos for both pelvis and leg use, including double penetration strap-ons and 'strapless' strap-on female sex toys
  • Vibrating bullets, eggs and even vibrating lipsticks

Whether you just want to buy a vibrator online to get your girl going, or are looking for something more imaginative, Diamond Door has the biggest and best range.

Buying Lesbian Sex Toys from Diamond Door Online

Buying our sex toys is a safe and hassle-free experience. Diamond Door's shop features:

  • Ultra-discreet wrapping
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Next day delivery for orders placed before 12pm
  • Payment information is discarded after use

Shop with confidence and with pleasure for your female fun toys, at Diamond Door Online.

Strap On DildosStrap On Dildos

With Diamond Door's range of strap-on dildos, the 'thrusted' becomes the 'thruster'! For girl-on-girl action, dildos add a whole new element of role playing, and for girl-on-guy play they offer a rare chance to change roles. There is a range of double-dong strap ons for both vag and anal enjoyment, as well as models that vibrate, pulsate and gyrate you (and your partner) into another dimension!

Vibrating Strap OnVibrating Strap On

Combine the delicate, irresistible thrill of a vibrator with the personal touch and variance of having your lover use a strap-on on you, and you won't emerge from the bedroom for weeks! We've got a huge range of vibrating strap-ons for g-spot stimulation as well as clitoral or anal ring stimulation.

Double DildosDouble Dildos

Make each other moan at the same time - be both the taker and the taken, with our range of double-ended dildos. There are face to face as well as straight-through models, in a variety of colours. They also come in a range of sizes from 12" to 18" so you and your partner can touch each other with the dildo inside you if you like. Mmmmmm ...

Strap On VibratorsStrap On Vibrators

Make every place you go just a little more interesting by adding strap-on vibrating pleasure undies into the mix! Diamond Door has a range of full-panty or harness-style pleasure undies, coming with either a remote vibration controller or a wired controller. There are models for both guys and girls - everyone can have fun in public with these babies!

Sexy CostumesSexy Costumes

With Diamond Door's range of sexy costumes, you can make your partner stand still and behave (or be arrested) ... you can be the cheeky schoolgirl who needs to be taught their lesson, or you can be the hot race girl who's turned on by all those throbbing engines around her. Stimulate more than just your body - get your imagination going with our huge range of lingerie and costumes.

Teaser VibratorsTeaser Vibrators

They may be small, but these teaser vibrators are certainly mighty. They can get a girl or guy begging to be completely filled up ... just give them five minutes alone! There is a huge range of shapes and features in Diamond Door's teaser vibrator range, from simple silicone or plastic eggs and bullets to music simulators, anal teasers and mini-massagers.

Nipple StimulatorsNipple Stimulators

After a good vibrator and dildo, nipple stimulants are a must have for those serious about their own pleasure! Clamp them up, suck them, vibrate them and stimulate them ... most of our models are hands free, so you can enjoy the feeling without your other bits missing out on their attention.

Clitoral StimulatorsClitoral Stimulators

Reach heights of pleasure you never thought were possible, and make every touch and tickle feel like an earthquake with a clitoral stimulator pump from Diamond Door. We have a range of real-feel oral sex simulators for girls, as well as straight pumps that come either with or without suction cups for hands-free use.

Lingerie & Latex WearLingerie & Latex Wear

Get your mind away from work and responsibility, and instantly become a sex-starved pleasure goddess, with one of Diamond Door's latex costumes or lingerie pieces. From the rough stimulation of lace to the slap and sweet sting of latex, there is something to transform every girl into a porn star. There are wear-alone costumes, as well as sexy lingerie for under clothes.

Arousal GelsArousal Gels

You'll feel like a thousand fresh feathers are dancing their way across your skin, or like a lover's mouth is touching you in five different places at once, with our range of warming and cooling arousal gels. True hands-free pleasure, our arousal gels come in water-based and oil-based, flavored and unscented variants. Get back to basics!

Edible GearEdible Gear

Got a guy or girl in mind that is good enough to eat? You may not be able to actually take a chunk out of them, but your teasing teeth can do the next best thing with Diamond Door's range of edible underwear and body paints. Our edible gear comes in a huge range of flavours - from strawberry sundae to cinnamon, chocolate to cherry.

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