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Sex Toys for Couples

Couples sex toys are a universe waiting to be explored, with stimulants both for you and your partner. Order them in privacy, and with confidence about your payment details, and have them delivered on the next business day*, with Diamond Door!


From latex to leather, beads to straps, Diamond Door's lingerie range is barely there ... but leaves plenty to the imagination! We stock a wide variety of both men's and women's lingerie, including bras and briefs, bodysuits, jocks and pouches. If you want some bedroom wear with a little more to it, check out our Costumes section also.

Romantic Sex KitsRomantic Sex Kits

Just starting out on your erotic adventure? Our sex kits have everything you need to explore a certain fantasy, a certain part of the body, or a certain person from head to toe. You can get everything you need for a night of big boys' and gals' games with one purchase. Our kits range from full female stimulation packages, to finger pulsation or anal play kits, as well as the famous Bodyworks sex sacks and the Love Swing. Grrraaoow!

Sensual MassageSensual Massage

When the stress of the day is getting in the way of you making the most of your partner, a sensual massage is in order. With our range of erotic massage accessories, you won't need to hit any of the magic buttons to have your partner bucking and begging! Our massage gels come in a range of delicious scented flavors, and most are food safe and completely edible. We also have some products for 'internal' sensual massage as well ...

Sex GamesSex Games

Both swingers and devoted monogamists can have plenty of fun with our adult sex games. Scavenger hunts, word games and cards have never created such a tingle deep down inside., and they start from very affordable prices. All games are designed so they can be played only by two ... but the more players, the merrier!

Sexual EnhancersSexual Enhancers

In the sexual revolution that is the 'naughties', cock sleeves and penis extensions are the best love gloves! Our range of cock sleeves includes beaded sleeves, prickler and ticklers, and reversible sleeves so both of you can enjoy the different sensations they create. We also have waterproof sleeves, if the 'man' in your life happens to be made from plastic, and extension style sleeves.

Sexy CostumesSexy Costumes

With our range of sexy costumes, you can take control ... or be guided. You can be sweet, or sex-crazed. We cater for all the popular fantasies, with policewoman, nurse and schoolgirl costumes as well as a range of minidresses and Joyce Jones specials. Use your costumes to do things that the 'real' you would never dream of!

Teasers & TicklersTeasers & Ticklers

So many of us dream about having sex out in public ... with our range of teasers and ticklers, this is almost possible. Our teasers and ticklers are all designed so they can be tucked into a pair of panties, or worn internally with the ultimate discretion. Going out to dinner with your partner, taking a train ride or sitting in a movie has never been so thrilling!

Light BondageLight Bondage

The intense physical sensations you experience with a complete loss of control ... and the ultra-hot feeling of being the boss, and having a minion to do your every whim, are the domain of you and your partner, with Diamond Door's range of light bondage accessories. Whether you want to hold them in place, tease them with hot wax, or punish them til they are begging, we have something for you!

Vibrating Cock RingsVibrating Cock Rings

The dual sensations of vibration and thrust can drive both guys and girls wild ... Enter the Diamond Door range of vibrating cock rings. These fully hands-free vibrating kits will send your partner wild with pleasure; choose from single-use items, full cock-and-ball support or a complete wireless kit. Sex has never given her such a buzz.

Edible Wear and GelEdible Wear and Gel

If you've ever thought that somebody looked good enough to eat ... you may want to do the next best thing! Our range of delicious flavored gels and body paints gives a whole new meaning to the term 'saucy' - flavors range from wild cherry to cinnamon, mint and tropical fruit to chocolate. Also included are a selection of edible bras and panties. Just don't get too enthusiastic with those teeth!

Gifts IdeasGifts Ideas

When flowers and chocolates won't cut it for another year, check out Diamond Door's range of toys for her natural flower ... and chocolate body paint that can be eaten from a much more interesting plate! From creams and potions, to costumes, toys and ticklers, our specially selected range of Valentine's Gift Ideas will create an ultra-hot February 14.

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