Baci Lingerie

BACI: A new revolution in lingerie!

Diamond Door Online is excited to bring to you Baci Lingerie. Who is Baci Lingerie? may ask. Read on and be enchanted with the new revolution in lingerie.

Their vision is simple; rather than selling lingerie that only a few can buy, Baci Lingerie makes it possible to provide lingerie to a greater number of people by producing quality, low-priced products that contribute to helping more people feel better about their lives.

The philosophy and concept is based on offering a wide range of well designed, high quality lingerie with the best photographs, art work and packaging, at the lowest prices in the world. The history of Baci Lingerie, whose name is derived from the Italian word for kiss, began in 2005 and is a history of extraordinary vision, intended to change the world. Beauty and luxury should not be reserved for just a few wealthy individuals, but rather be available to many people.

In order to make this challenging goal a reality, consistently elegant and seductive lingerie fashion had to be created from an entirely new perspective, one which portrays affordable luxury; a concept, which has never existed in this line of business before.

In just five years and with a starting budget of $60 Million Dollars, Baci Lingerie has accomplished many innovative things, all of which have become the symbol of affordable luxury for Baci Lingerie for all of their collections. In addition, the best creative teams in the world have been assembled to put together this masterpiece, and are implementing the fundamental Baci Lingerie philosophy in every aspect. Their various global design offices in Miami, Milan and Paris, among other places, continually strive to be on the forefront of the latest industry fashion and develop the Baci Lingerie concept even further. Never before has a manufacturer followed the path of achieving such extravagant and unique quality not only in its products but also in its presentation, all the while deliberately keeping costs low.

Baci Lingerie is therefore the first lingerie manufacturer to produce both high-quality photos and video for each individual product, featuring international models from the most well known modeling agencies, who sensually and professionally showcase each individual product. Baci Lingerie is pioneering the way affordable luxury is being unveiled to the world.

The fitting atmosphere for their revolutionary products takes place in the most beautiful castles throughout Europe, which further accentuate Baci Lingerie's elegant radiance through its classic, regal interior. The artistic work of their first collection alone cost 3.5 Million Euros which has made it to date the most expensive photo shoot in the world. The innovation and concepts; which are always unique and industry changing, can be continually found in every aspect of Baci Lingerie. For this reason, they not only attach great importance to always being present at every major lingerie and trade shows throughout the world, but also strive to be the main sponsor of each show they attend, to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Baci Lingerie is an international group of professionals from the most diverse of backgrounds, who all share a great love and passion for Baci Lingerie. It is an extraordinary experience to be a part of this very special Brand and to continue developing it. They know that with their affordable luxury philosophy, they're going against common business trends of offering products at inflated prices, which is often the norm. However, the support and growing loyalty together with consistent feedback they have received, since their official launch in April 2010, fuels their passion to develop and deliver the best brand of lingerie in the world.

Let yourself be enchanted by the future and Baci Lingerie's planned surprises for the coming year. Baci Lingerie is more than just a brand; it is the new standard in lingerie.

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