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‘Control Yourself!’ – How to Stop Ejaculating Too Quickly

One of the most easily remedied sexual problems men have is orgasming sooner than they, or their partners, would like – otherwise known as premature ejaculation. Unfortunately many men still believe this pesky mood killer can’t be avoided, so they let the problem persist and create negative relational and emotional consequences that are completely unnecessary.

(Q) What is the best thing to use to help premature ejaculation and an oversensitive head of the penis. I see myself having a problem with this. The head of my penis is really sensitive during sex and/or foreplay which makes me ejaculate easily and lose my hard on … I am not embarrassed by this … just a little frustrated.

Some of the more common causes for premature ejaculation include sudden and intense sexual arousal, not having sex for long periods of time, or being blessed with an incredibly sensitive penis (usually the head). Although the reasons vary from psychological to physical, all of them can be overcome with a few physical tricks – no need for you to keep thinking about un-sexy things during sex!

4 Ways to Easily Stop Yourself from Cumming Too Soon

Masturbate More - I know it may sounds like an odd suggestion at first, but if you become aroused easily and don’t have any difficulty getting an erection, then this may be the only solution you need. By making yourself orgasm hours before you plan on having sex with your partner, you’ll decrease your physical excitement, decrease the sensitivity to your penis for a short while, and will probably be able to keep your next erection for longer than you did the first time (when you masturbated). Some men masturbate in the morning if they are likely to have sex that night. Think of it as ‘taking the edge off’.

When masturbating, practice bringing yourself almost to orgasm and then stopping. This is like training your body to endure an intercourse marathon. Masturbate until you feel almost to that ‘point of no return’ and then stop all stimulation completely and wait for your body to calm down again. If you don’t think this is possible, another technique is to hold the base of the penis firmly and squeeze with one hand while gently pulling your testicles downward (away from your body) with the other once you begin to feel that ‘Holy crap I’m going to cum!’ sensation. After you’ve successfully backed away from your orgasm, continue with more stimulation until almost reaching orgasm again, and repeat the above process. Practiced regularly this should make you more aware of your own arousal and allow you more control over it during actual lovemaking.

Natural Remedies - Almond milk is a natural cure suggested for improving ejaculatory control. This traditional drink has long been associated with increased potency. It is something you have to get ready at home; it cannot be purchased at your local grocery store. You will need 10 almonds, a cup of warm cow’s milk, a pinch of ginger, a pinch of cardamom, and saffron. Soak the almonds overnight to make them soft by the next day will make it much easier to peel the skin before placing them in the milk. Then add all the ingredients to the milk and it’s ready. Just consume a glass a day in the morning with your breakfast and you will notice a change in your sex desire. Drinking almond milk has been shown to improve the libido in men and help other sex related problems such as premature ejaculation. The trick is in the saffron which is an aphrodisiac. When it is mixed in with milk, it promotes easiness and helps to end ejaculating too soon.

Another natural premature ejaculation cure is to massage your penis with 5-10 drops of mustard oil and 1 ounce of sesame oil. This will tone your sphincter muscles and improve blood circulation. Try this one hour before sexual intercourse and you will notice that you will last a lot longer. But make sure to wash off your penis thoroughly due to the mustard oil before having sex. You don’t want to place this hot oil into the vaginal walls of your partner! You can also use this massage to practice the ‘start and stop’ method of controlling your ejaculation, discussed above.

Practicing kegel exercise is an effective cure suggested for many reproductive problems. It helps in improving the strength of PC muscles and helps in getting better ejaculatory control. Promoting blood circulation through out the body, rejuvenating body cells and improving the functioning of reproductive organs are other advantages of doing kegel exercises. Yoga can also provide excellent exercise for improving muscles and ejaculatory control.

Use a Cock Ring - Seriously, try using a cock ring around the base of your penis once you are erect. Just like I told you to hold and press the base of your penis in the earlier masturbation exercise, cock rings do the work for you. Once you find one that fits correctly, not too snugly your penis turns purple but snug enough to keep the blood pretty constricted, these gizmos work quite well at prolonging sex. Sure, they may look a little strange at first, but once you’re heavily ‘involved’ no one’s going to remember it’s even there … Unless you have one of those rings that comes with a nifty clit-vibe which brings together the best of both world in my opinion – The rings stops him from cumming too soon and the vibe encourages her to cum as many times as possible. Nice, huh?


If you try all of the above suggestions and none of them work, then ask your doctor about it. However they may say you don’t really have a premature ejaculation problem since the ‘normal’ range of time between penetration and ejaculation begins at 1.5 minutes!

Good Luck and leave a comment if you have a tip that wasn’t mentioned here, or if any of these have worked for you in the past!

adapted from SpeakSexy

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