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Being Confident – 4 Tips to Transform You Into a Confident Man

There’s always one thing holding back guys from pursuing the girl they like, and that is the lack of self confidence. A lot of guys, unfortunately, have no idea that being confident plays a huge part when it comes to meeting women. They think every girl they see is out of their league so they just settle with watching women across the room while sitting at a bar stool. This is no way to live your life, man! Unless you want to spend the rest of your life trapped in the confines of your home with no one but your dogs, you better get up and start working on your self esteem. If you’re thinking this is very hard to do, you’re wrong. Absolutely wrong.

Let me ask you this. What do you do for a living? Do you design websites? Are you the I.T. guy in your office? Do you work at construction or do you do accounting? There are pretty tough jobs. You need a certain level of skill and tons of patience to pull off any one of these. And if you manage to do a difficult task every single day, there is no reason you can’t ask a girl out. Your job is obviously a lot harder than talking to a girl. The only reason why you’re single is because you hold yourself back. You need to have more confidence. Women like an attractive man. And when I say attractive, it goes far beyond than physical looks. You must be attractive inside out.

Here are 4 tips on how you can transform into a very attractive man that women will fight over.

Your existence needs to have a purpose

What are you here for anyway? Are you driven to be someone or have something in your life? Having a purpose is the first step on how to be confident. Your goals (whether they are getting a mansion, luxury car, or traveling the world) drive you to be the best at what you do; to be at your best. These give you a reason to work hard and stay at the top of your game. And once you are able to do that, you will start to feel that you matter, that you can do something and you are special in some way.

Stay busy

When working on reaching your goals expect to be busy most of the times. This means your time is valuable and you don’t appreciate it being wasted. You only have so much time with tons of stuff to do that you can’t possibly be available to anyone all the time. This also means when you spend time on someone, it’s special. You don’t have time for bullsh*t. Ladies feel some inclination towards guys that they can’t be with all the time. It makes them feel very special since you dropped everything just to spend time with them.

Respect yourself and demand it

Being respected by colleagues and other people gives you more confidence. It must feel good to be the one others listen to and turn to for opinions. And if you are that person, won’t that make you feel a bit special?

Get other women to like you

Women are competitive. They are turned on by guys who are liked by other women. When they sense a challenge, they grab it by the head and take it on. So if you ensure that other women like and say only good things about you, you can be sure that the woman you want will try to get you first.

Final Comments

It is extremely important that you develop a strong sense of self. It will greatly help you on Being Confident. A man with value, a sense of self, is an attractive man.

By Laserlock

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