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The Zone Joy

This is an uncommonly shaped vibrator because of its standing tripod base. Created by California Exotic Novelties, the most attractive feature of this well-constructed novelty is that it facilitates active hands-free penetration. There’s also no need for any remotes or cumbersome wires; the controls for the Zone’s fun vibe functions are located right on its base.


Description and Materials

The pink Zone Joy has a stable free-standing tripod base that’s made of ABS plastic. The insertable shaft is covered with a double layered silicone sleeve; one of the joys of this sleeve is that it can be removed for easy cleaning. The Zone Joy’s materials are phthalates free, bacteria busting and body friendly.

The dual density of the sleeve also has a dual purpose; it provides a softer cushion to ride and creates extra suction that adheres to the base. The shaft has a rounded tip that gradually gets bigger closer to the base. There are rubber grips on each leg of the base that provide a secure foundation for the toy. Make sure you keep track of them because they can easily fall out.

The circumference of the toy is 6 inches (15cm), the insertable length is about 3 inches (7.6cm) and the diameter is less than 2 inches (5cm) at the widest part.

California Exotics has also created a second version of this product. The Zone Bliss is a futuristic looking adaptation of the Zone Joy; it has a ribbed shaft and a base that’s a fair bit wider.

How It Works

The operation of the toy is simple because there are only two buttons. One allows you to cycle through the seven vibration options and the other serves as an instant ‘off’.

The vibration functions vary in intensity and have interesting patterns that combine continuous vibe, escalation, pulsation and rollercoaster. The names of the settings are really fun and as stated on the package are: Foreplay, The Heat, WhooHoo!, Orgasmic, Throbbing, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Surging.

The toy requires 3 AA batteries to operate and their directionality is clearly marked; the battery compartment is located underneath the base and can be easily accessed.


The overall presentation is stylish and straightforward. The Zone Joy comes packaged in a clear plastic cylinder, a style quite unlike most of the toys on the market today. It has an attractive look with its whimsical pink script labelling. The packaging clearly illustrates the toy’s features, benefits and care instructions. Batteries are not included with the purchase.

Because of the Zone’s distinctive shape, a larger storage bag/container is required to stow it away. However, its non porous materials give you the freedom to store it in a cupboard or a drawer. Just make sure you remove the batteries before tucking it away.


As with many sex toys, the noise that’s created is commensurate with the intensity of vibration emitted. The most powerful settings actually cause the batteries to rattle inside the body. The rubber grommets underneath the base don’t actually absorb much noise.

Pleasure Factor

Because the Zone can be used anally, vaginally or clitorally it provides a multitude of uses. The vibe patterns are very unique and you can feel how the sensation changes all along the shaft.

This toy works well on a firm bed, but would ideally be used on a solid surface such as the floor. The legs of the base do not provide clitoral stimulation so you may find yourself doing one of two things – reaching for a second toy to arouse the clitoris, or alternating between clitoral and vaginal stimulation. I’d suggest at least trying the latter because the vibe patterns feel divine.

Some women, and even men for that matter, may enjoy being able to bounce and ride the Zone. But if you’re not a fan of squatting and riding, you can always try setting Zone down on the ground and sitting astride it while you’re on your knees (use pillows underneath to avoid them getting sore).

Try experimenting with various positions. Insert the Zone into your canal, sit down on your legs and hold them together. This will create extra pressure to push the toy deeper into either the anus or the vagina. Lying down on your side is also pleasurable because you can relax and direct the toy with your hand. Unfortunately though, the shape of the toy isn’t conducive for manipulation with the hand. Another idea is to try out Acrobat sex position with the Zone!


The silicone sleeve is very easy to clean, particularly because the sleeve can be removed. The manufacturer recommends that the product be washed before and after each use. Your best bet would be to use antibacterial soap and wet cloth, but it should not be immersed. If you want to remove any personal fluids, use anti bacterial wipes to wipe it down.

Make sure that you only use water based lubricant because a silicone version will decompose the material.


The first few inches of the vagina or anus are awarded lots of attention with the Zone Joy, but that’s about it. You get a bit of girth but not a lot of length, but as most of the nerves are within the first few inches of the entrance that’s just fine! If your G-spot is shallow or your vagina small, then this is the toy for you. Because the shaft is too short for deep penetration for most people, a good idea would have been to have at least one the base legs vibrate.

The buttons were well designed but they really could have been placed farther away from the base in order to facilitate easier access to surf the patterns.

Long Term Appeal

The long term appeal of the Zone Joy is about average. It is very hygienic and its sturdy construction will hold up for long term use. Its unique shape allows for hands-free fun for anal, vaginal and clitoral stimulation – but its overall functionality may be considered limited to some users.


Is it worth the price? It depends what you’re looking for. The big selling feature is the fact that it’s free-standing – but the shaft is short. Had one of the legs been an optional vibrating clitoral stimulator, it would have earned a higher rating. Because its price point online is lower, its cost is still reasonable enough to take a chance on.

Final Thoughts

The Zone Joy will be a distinctive addition to anyone’s toy chest, particularly if you’re into bouncing and riding on a short shaft with exuberant vibe patterns.

We rate it an 8.5/10.

To Order / More Information

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The Zone Joy

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