Product Review — 14 October 2012
Leaf – Natural Pleasure Review

Clean, Pure, Sensual, Erotic.

Featuring six beautiful designs, leaf is a fresh new collection of vibrators to emerge. Inspired by nature, and with a wide range of shapes that are sure to please, leaf delivers undeniable and exhilarating pleasure. The entire leaf collection is powered by PowerBullet which has been specifically engineered to offer the deepest pulsating vibrations available. All leaf products are shipped in a sturdy reusable storage box that contains a beautiful canvas tote and an informative instruction manual. Discover the power of nature and get wrapped up in your very own leaf.


  • Virtually seamless premium silicone with satin finish
  • Certified waterproof & fully submersible with self-sealing charge port
  • Travel-safe vibration lock with canvas tote and reusable box
  • Easy to use `Press and Hold’ incremental speed control with quick `One Touch Off’ function
  • Rechargeable motor with whisper quiet vibrations
  • Trusted PowerBullet technology for more power and intensity
  • 1-year limited warranty (Must be registered at


Leaf Box Contents
  1. Leaf product
  2. Durable canvas tote bag to protect your leaf
  3. Leaf branded power adapter
  4. Informative multi-language leaf instruction booklet with protective folio from recycled materials
  5. Presented in a beautiful and reusable cardboard box


Advantages of Leaf

Quiet & Unique Vibrations
Many vibrators have been too loud and buzzy, which can distract you from enjoying your experience. The quiet difference of leaf often makes for a simple buying decision.

More Usable Play Area
Instead of paying luxury cost for a massager that only provides a small, forced play area, leaf boasts a full play area for a different experience every time.

Wide Variety of Styles
Leaf features a full range of designs specifically suited to different needs. For instance, if they are looking for clitoral stimulation only, the life, fresh, touch or spirit would be the best choice. Others, such as the bloom or vitality, may be used for penetration.

Certified Waterproof & Fully Submersible
The entire leaf collection is certified waterproof and fully submersible under water. Not all products can boast this.

Worry-free Travel
Leaf comes with a travel charger complete with adapters for all major regions of the world. This allows the freedom to take leaf knowing that it will be compatible at your destination. Leaf also comes with a convenient travel lock, canvas tote for storage, and an informative instruction manual.

Award-Winning Design & Technology
Lea is backed by very prestigious industry awards, where it has been awarded with both Best New Product Range, as well as Best Environmental Concept. Also, the company behind leaf, was awarded as the Sex Toy Company of the Year.

1-Year Warranty
Leaf comes with a 1-year warranty. All they need to do is register at to qualify.


The Leaf Range

Leaf LifeType: Single vibration

Life is the original inspiration for the leaf collection. With its simple, subtle contours and smooth finish, life allows for exploration of the body that can only be described as pure comfort. Its beautiful curves and PowerBullet technology allow for its powerful vibration to be felt in any position.

Alternate Suggested Uses:
Use life on those tired muscles, it’s easy grasp allows for an amazing massage.

For full specifications, see >> Life by Leaf


Leaf VitalityType: Dual vibrations

Vitality is the essence of nature. Each naturally curved end contains powerful, separately controlled and unique vibrations. Allow the intensity of each budding tip to grow to a level that is perfect for you. vitality features an unbelievably soft shell allowing for full exploration of your body using any part of its beautiful seamless exterior.

Alternate Suggested Uses:
Use vitality to massage more than one area at once. Also extremely effective on the neck and lower back.

For full specifications, see >> Vitality by Leaf


Leaf TouchType: Single vibration

The desire to touch is as basic as breathing. Touch has been elegantly handcrafted to act as an extension of your body, which is why it fits perfectly within the grasp of your hand. Feel the firm structure and soft silicone contour as you harness the powerful vibration and let touch deliver an amazing experience like you have never felt before.

Alternate Suggested Uses:
Use touch’s sturdy design with small tip for full-bodied pleasure in your hard to reach problem areas.

For full specifications, see >> Touch by Leaf


Leaf BloomType: Dual vibrations

Bloom has perfectly captured the essence of a naturally budding flower. The flexible stem can be used for a completely customisable experience at your fingertips. With a separate and unique vibration at each end of its smooth silicone exterior, bloom can twist and bend to achieve the level of excitement that you desire.

Alternate Suggested Uses:
Use bloom’s slightly flexible design on your most sensitive areas, as it adapts to the form of your body for a relaxing massage experience.

For full specifications, see >> Bloom by Leaf


Leaf FreshType: Single vibration

New, exciting and pure perfection. These words naturally describe all that is fresh. With its simple yet perfectly compact, sculpted design, fresh contains a vibration that traverses its entire surface. Fresh is inspired by naturally occurring shapes, so it more than satisfies whether you are looking for a refined edge or a soft curve. Use any portion of the soft silicone covered exterior to reach your desired feeling and intensity.

Alternate Suggested Uses:
Use fresh’s perfect compact design and tapered ends to target specific areas with its deep, pleasurable vibrations.

For full specifications, see >> Fresh by Leaf


Leaf SpiritType: Single vibration

Spirit is the embodiment of nature. Using spirit is experiencing the feeling of pure bliss at your finger tips. Covered in the softest silicone available, allow spirit’s highly stylised and effective shape to take you on a sensual journey. Containing a powerful vibration, spirit is sculpted in a way that is naturally form fitting. Explore your senses by allowing the defined tip or the wider curved base to arouse you in a way you have never felt before.

Alternate Suggested Uses:
Spirit can be worn as a little secret while at work, home or out on the town because its curved design is perfectly suited for discreet pleasure.

For full specifications, see >> Spirit by Leaf


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