Product Review — 06 August 2012
50 Shades Of Grey

With all the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy rave, I thought I’d better get a copy of the book and see what all the fuss is about. There has been a myriad of questions about the adult toys referred to in the book at our adult toy and lingerie parties. Our sales have certainly increased since its release with those silver balls selling fast across Australia. So I grabbed my copy of 50 Shades Of Grey from Coles with a loaf of bread and bananas; how ironic! I felt excited and embarrassed at the same time. How is it that the local grocery store is selling this erotic book with a whole display on its own?

Once I started reading, I could not put the book down. Not only did I find it amusing but I was also hooked on the story line. A big thank-you to E L James for finally writing the basic detail about a usually ‘taboo’ topic. I am not typically a reader, and my kids where shocked to see me with a novel that I couldn’t put down. I read all three books within five days and felt I wanted more. I’m now hanging with anticipation for the movie to be released.

I thought a few things needed clarifying; especially about those balls. Those silver balls! I am not a doctor, but having worked in the industry for many years I have become somewhat of an expert on sex toys. After all, this is what I do for a living. With all the silver balls being sold I want give some advise about their use.

1. Saliva is not lube. We recommend that you use lubricant for maximum stimulation and comfort. Our suggestion is the Pjur Original Body Glide lube for all your sex toy needs; including balls.

2. Not everyone finds punishment (being slapped on the ass) stimulating, although I respect the fact that some people get really turned on and have their best orgasms doing this. For a lot of people, they will not orgasm no matter how hard they get slapped on the bum; even with the balls. Stimulation comes from walking while having the balls inside, and using the balls in this way can produce some of the best climaxes.

Historically, the now famous Ben Wall Balls, Love Balls, Duo Balls came into existence around the year 500AD. In the original form there was only one ball, and it was designed to enhance a guys pleasure during intercourse. Eventually they evolved into the familiar toy that we know today, two balls that were designed to help a women improve the strength of her pelvic floor muscles, and improve her pleasure. The balls are designed to exercise and tone the PC muscles resulting in sexual enhancement during intercourse. By practicing contracting the vagina on duo balls it’s possible to regain the ‘tightness’, which improves sexual performance and gratification.

The balls in the book are attached to string, which we sell for $5.95. It is really important to keep your balls (and sex toys in general) clean. After washing your toys with soapy water it is important that they are dried thoroughly. I really want to clarify that the string attached to the balls will need a lot of drying and if not dried properly bacteria can form and cause infections. We recommend the JoyBalls for $30.25. Yes they are more expensive, but the medical grade silicone covering the balls and string makes them easy to clean and dry quicker, potentially making them more hygienic.

A lot of women are curious about butt plugs, the sales of which have also recently increased. For first time users we recommend using the small and slim butt plugs. Our personal recommendation is the Doc Johnson Pretty Ends Butt Plug.

Below is our Fifty Shades pick of must have sex toys, for your fantasy sessions. ;)

Violet Joyballs

Pretty Ends Butt Plug

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Slim Silver Vibrator

Bondage Kit


Toy Cleaner

Personal Lubricant

If you’re interested in trying anything mentioned in the book or would like to know anything further relating to adult toys feel free to call us on 1300 685 172 or email us at and one of our staff will be only too happy to assist your query.

So if you haven’t already done so, picked up your 50 Shades of Grey copy, what are you waiting for!

Happy Shopping.

Linda Zerella


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