Erotic Stories — 05 October 2011
Give it to me

Sometimes travelling from one side of the country leaves you feeling bored so you decide to text your friends, let them know how bored you are. Until your boyfriend texts you back to tell you how he can’t wait for you to get home so he can tease you…

I arranged for him to come meet me at the station and as we ran on to a tram to take us home we found ourselves squashed in a crowd of people. I leaned close to Rob with my back against his chest. I pulled his arm around my waist and he pulled me in close. I pushed my bum against his crotch, rubbing it against his dick. I could feel him stiffen and grow in his jeans. Sneakily I slid my hand behind me to steal a stroke of his cock. I bit my lip as I could feel the thickness, giving it a slight squeeze as the tram pulls up.

Without saying a word, he takes my hand and leads me quickly across the road to his apartment, opening the door and pushing me up against the hallway wall. Finally getting a chance to look in to my eyes, smiling, before taking my face in to his hands and kissing me deeply. Our tongues dancing deep in each other’s mouths as we ferociously grab at one another’s clothes.

My hands pulling open his shirt, the buttons almost popping off as I drop my mouth to his chest, biting him. He smiles at me and gathers my hair up in to a bunch, pulling me roughly up as he trailed a finger across my jaw and pushing it in to my mouth telling me to “suck it, like a good girl”.

He opens my blouse, roughly pulling my bra down freeing my tits. He roughly pulls my hair back so I’m arching my back. I closed my eyes as I feel his hot mouth on my breast, kissing around my hardening nipple, licking between my tits and softly biting me before taking my hard little bud in to his mouth and rolling it between his teeth.

I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer, he responded to my heat in sucking hungrily at my nipple taking it completely in his mouth as he grabs the other in his strong hand, my breathing getting heavier. I start grabbing at his belt, desperate to get to his cock. He ripped my skirt above my waist and closes his hand over my soaked pussy, rubbing me through my knickers. His fingers stroking my slippery hole pushing the material inside me as his rough palm rubbed against my throbbing clit.

Finally I released his cock from his jeans, staring down at it for a moment then looking back up in to his eyes, kissing him ferociously as I wrapped my small hands around him. I began sliding them up and down his cock, wanking him off hard, slapping the fat head against my clit. He loved that I was using his cock to help me get off. He pushed two of his fingers up in to my pussy, I was biting my lip and my legs were becoming weak as I could feel myself reaching an overpowering orgasm. I could feel my juices drip over his fingers and on to my thighs. Slowly he pulled his fingers out of me and brought them up to my lips, pushing them in to my mouth so I can lick them clean. He leans in to kiss me deeply once again.

He gives me this look with his eyes, one that tells me what I want to know, that he’s going to fuck me. He lifts me up with his hands under my bum as he carries me in to the living room. The puts me down on the sofa and tears away at the rest of my clothes before taking his off too. My eyes fixed on his cock as I open my thighs wide, gliding my fingers over my glistening pussy.

He moves between my legs. His hard thick cock lay stiff against my tummy. He grabbed his cock at the base and slid it between my pussy lips as he kissed me deeply, pulling out to playfully bite my lip.

I was desperate for his cock, desperate to be filled. He raised himself up and pushed his cock in to me with ease until he was in deep. He draws it out slowly so once again the tip is as my very opening, before shoving it all the way in again, rubbing my g-spot with every stroke. I dug my nails in to his ass demanding that he fuck me. He wrapped his arms over my shoulders and began banging his cock in to me hard, his movement’s rough but giving me exactly what I desired. My breasts were bouncing and once again I could feel my pussy spasm in to orgasm. I could feel his muscle tightening and his grip tighten on me. He buried his cock completely in me, flooding my pussy with his hot cum.

Shortly afterwards he crawled off me and lay at my side. He looked up at me and smiled, running his fingers down my chest, stomach and to my clit. Slowly he rubbed circles on it asking me “How about a third?” Who was I to say no?

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